Luxury Wedding Invitations and Stationery of your dreams


Simply Invited is a rebrand of mhcreate which started in 2008 and has helped many couples achieve their dream invitations and stationery.

Based in Bristol, I tend to liaise with my clients either in person or over the phone to discuss their requirements and get a feel for what they are looking for.

Your invitation will be the first insight into your wedding, it will set the formality, style and or theme of your special day.
I can help you achieve your dream stationery too.

Please take a look at the gallery page to see some examples. I try to work uniquely with couples to produce the invitation and stationery to suit there wedding requirements.
I can work with an existing design which you may want to turn into a more tailor made product.

I also have a blog where you can read articles on luxury wedding invitations and general wedding interests.
Wedding Invitation Etiquette can vary from wedding to wedding, our blog post explains this is great detail and hopefully aid you when writing your invitation.

I am always working on new designs which I will add to my blog as and when I complete them.

In 2013 there were 234,464 marriages in England, the most popular area being the South West.
42% of weddings take place in the months of July, August and September with the most popular day of course being Saturday with a a staggering 57.5% or 139,614 weddings!
The average age of people getting married has been on the rise too, back in 1929 the average age for males was 26.4 and females 24.5. Whereas in 2008, males averaged at 33.6 and females 31, this goes to show that couples are on a whole waiting longer to get married, maybe for multiple reasons and my guess would be the fact that we have more freedom in our youth and take time to travel, study and generally enjoy single life. A factor could also be the cost of weddings, where in 2014 it’s around £22,000 which has risen by more than £7000 in a decade. More than half of couples admit to sharing the cost of their wedding with their parents.

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